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What We Do

Executive Coaching:


We don’t want to solve your problems.  We think you and your employees should do that.  We want to teach you how, and leave the knowledge and systems with you.  When you need a relationship you can trust to coach you on your organization’s long-term interests, we can be there for you.

Organizational Analysis:


The very nature of your organization’s structure will usually decide whether you can (or cannot) take advantage of opportunities that come your way.  An effective organization understands its own DNA.    MJMcKay’s consultants work collaboratively with our clients to better understand and identify problem areas and their causes within the organization.  An organization can be seen as a puzzle with many pieces.  Our goal at MJMcKay Corp is to help our clients find the optimal placement of these puzzle pieces so our clients can maximize service delivery to their own customers.

Would you like to see the best?  The cheapest?  The fastest?  Would you like to know why production in the USA is now often cheaper than China?  Would you like to compare two locations for possible expansion or investment?  At MJMcKay, we make it our business to know where best practices are taking place, and why.  We offer custom tours upon request for companies who just want to learn, and for companies who want to grow.  If there is something you think you could learn by travelling, then chances are we know the people and places to show you.  Group tours are also available.

Learning Tours:


Productivity and Service Seminars:


You can have high-quality, low-cost production, even when workers earn high wages.  Costs can go down while quality goes up.  You can have employees be enthusiastic about delivering five-star service.  You can have everyone in the organization working toward the same goal.  Our fun, informative seminars are for the entire workforce.  We count Boeing, Starbucks, and the State of Washington among the list of organizations we have served.  Every seminar is custom-designed to fit your needs, whether your company is large or small.    

Our seminars emphasize the cooperative effort necessary between all employees to win in business.  We also teach the close relationship between Cash flow, Costs, Quality, and Work Flow.


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